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High-Speed SIM Card Personalization Machine

--World’s fastest Personalization Machine

DOD Card Issuing System

--DOD Personalized printing equipment

M2M Personalization Machine

--Suitable for all types of M2M modules

EMV Card Issuing System

--Compatible for Various Types of Financial &

Social Security Cards

Specializing in smart card production, IC module writing and electronic tag composite series of equipment development and production, while providing production card software and technical services

Technical Solutions:

Max Throughput12000pcs /hour


Loading, encoding and unloading two cards simultaneously which improves the production capacity and making throu -ghput double.

Card type: Single, 2in1 chip & 4in1 card.

Technical Solutions:

Max Throughput4000pcs/h


Supports various card types

Workstation Solutions

QA testing tower                            Non contact function

Technical Aspects:

Max Throughput4500pcs/hour


Multiple input and output mode(Tube, reel, Tray)

Technical Solutions:

Max Throughput1500pcs/h

Input/output/ MagneticStripeEncoding/IC /Thermal Printing /OCR

Technical Solutions(laser):

Max Throughput4000pcs/h

Input/output/ MagneticStripeEncoding/IC /

laser /OCR

Module Testing & Encoding Machine

--Batch module encoding for perso efficiency

Technical Solutions:

Max Throughput28000pcs/h


Suitable for Dual interface, contact and contactless module.

ClassicSIM Card Personalization Machine

--Card Compatibility: 1in1, 2in1, 4in1, 6in1, 9in1 & 10in1 Cards. Drone technology in the field of Personalization.

Technical Solutions:

Max Throughput5500pcs /hour

Module Testing & Detection Machine

--Double-sided checking & testing equipment

Technical parameters

Provides common interface function, LINUX system, supports further development

support ISO14443 Type A/B contactless cards

Communication with PC: Ethernet

Reader and Software

Technical Solutions:

Max Throughput30000pcs/h

Company Profile


Ulian Equipment was founded in 2004, mainly engaged in the development and production of the personalization machines, Smart card encoding, Module Testing & Encoding Machine and RFID Converting Lines, further business fields are the development of software technical services in the smart card areas. With the cooperation of domestic and overseas mainstream card factories, Ulian have created its own technical hub and have made many advances, especially in the area of data encoding.

Ulian headquarters is located in Hunnan economic development zone in Shenyang, China. Shenyang is the cradle of modern industry in northeast Asia. It is a heavy industrial base, with its advantageous industries, such as equipment manufacturing in China, has the reputation of "Oriental Ruhr".

Ulian Corporate Culture: Craftsmanship, Reliable, Customer oriented, Security.

Add: 17-7 Wensu St. Hunnan new district, Shenyang                    Tel : +86 24-31653986               Mail: sunil@ulianeqpt.com